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Tasks, Quests, Badges, Points, and Levels

  • Tasks – These are quick and simple exercises that involve submitting an artifact or completing several easy steps to prove a basic understanding of a particular topic or application.  A badge is earned by submitting evidence or completing the steps required for the task.  You will earn between 1 to 5 points for each completed task.
  • Quests – Quests are completed by completing a group (or stack) of similar tasks or by completing a more challenging and time-consuming task.  You will earn between 10 to 25 points by completing a quest.
  • Badges – Badges are earned by completing tasks and quests.  Badges are your way of showcasing your understanding and mastery of topic or application.  Your badges are displayed on your Level Up profile and can be transferred to your Credly profile.
  • Points – You earn points by completing tasks and quests.  Your total points will determine your level and will also determine your ranking on the Level Up Leaderboard.
  • Levels – Levels indicate your ranking on the Level Up platform.  As you acquire more points your level will increase from a Newbie all the way to a Prodigy.