Advisory/Academic Lab/Homeroom/Pod Challenge

2 Points

Challenge another advisory, grade level, pod team, or homeroom to a contest (Decorate outside of advisory class with inspirational or motivational signage/decoration OR campus beautification OR public service hours competition).

Classroom Environment for Engaging Students

2 Points

A thoughtful classroom layout and table mats for team roles are important first steps in implementing Engaging Structures in your classroom.
Think about arranging desks or tables in a way that facilitates students collaboration. Numbering each group or pod and using table mats to clearly assign group roles will ensure that activities run smoothly.

Parent Night

2 Points

Help keep parents in the loop. Having parent involvement is a game changer in education. Host or plan a parent night to inform parents about curriculum or practices in your school.

Supporting Students Outside School

1 Points

Earn a badge for attending your students’ games outside of school. It could be any sport such as: soccer, baseball, basketball, football or wrestling.

Team Building in the Classroom

2 Points

Teachers will choose team building activities for their students to participate in.