FlipGrid – Level 1

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Flipgrid is the leading video discussion platform for millions of PreK to PhD educators, students, and their families around the world. Flipgrid promotes fun and social learning by giving every student an equal and amplified voice in discussing prompts organized by the educator.

100% engagement for everyone

Think of it as the best parts of Instagram and Snapchat, but your control! Students can flip the camera and pause while recording with unlimited retakes. Students can draw or use custom stickers to design a fun, creative selfie for the Grid. Finally, students can add a title and linked file to videos to verbalize their thinking on projects. Your Grid transforms into a shared, community portfolio!

Feedback:  Fuel formative growth.

In Flipgrid, you can provide simple feedback to each student based on their ideas and performance. You can create custom rubrics for each Topic and provide individualized video feedback with ease. [1]

Flipgrid in 3 Minutes

Level Up and Earn Your Badge!

  • Have students use Flipgrid in the classroom.  Attach a screenshot or the link to at least one student response and explain how you used it to further learning.

(From Cape Public Schools)

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