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By inviting other teachers into your classroom you can break down some of the walls (or open the doors) that prevent teachers from feeling uncomfortable popping in to see the awesome things happening in each others’ rooms! By tailoring a feedback form to fit your personal goals, you will be able to get specific feedback that will truly benefit instruction and practices.

Taking time to watch others teach (especially with similar students) allows you the opportunity to watch the management of these students. In addition, these observations will allow you to see how others interact with the students and to learn different techniques to improve my own teaching.

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Level Up and Earn Your Badge!

  1. Create a poster to hang outside of their room to invite other teachers to observe you. Add a QR code or link to a feedback form. Upload a screenshot for 1 badge.
  2. Observe another teacher who has their #ObserveME sign posted. Upload a picture of their poster and the feedback you gave to the teacher afterward for your 2nd badge.

(Author: Shelly Ridens)

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