Tea Party Cooperative Learning Strategy

2 Points

Habit #5 Seek First to Understand then be Understood (The Leader in Me)

Tea Party is a simple quick cooperative learning strategy that  is useful because not only does it allow for all students to get a chance and share with another student, but additionally, it allows for students to work together to come up with a solution.

Students form two circles facing each other (one inner circle and one outer circle). The students are given a question and they are to discuss the the question with the student they are facing. The students on the outer circle moves in one direction, so they have a new partner to discuss with. Another question is asked, and more discussion is created with a new partner.

Alternative Protocol:

Level Up and Earn Your Badge

Review the resources and develop a lesson plan that includes the cooperative learning strategy.  Submit the lesson plan and a reflection upon the effectiveness of the strategy.

For additional points, submit a video of students engaging in the tea party strategy.

(Author: Juliana Schalk)